Mentoring and Reverse Mentoring:
A Two-Way Strategy for Sharing Knowledge

Business conversation between black man and redhead womanThere is no way around it. If you are an experienced business executive in your 40s, 50s or beyond, the 20-something new hires are more technologically savvy than you.

Sure you have much to teach them about business best practices, leadership skills and the latest industry products and services. But, they too, have much to teach you.

As rapid advances in technology and social media affect virtually every business, companies can capitalize on the strengths of all employees – recent graduates and veteran staff – by establishing mentoring and reverse mentoring programs. [Read more...]

Three Leadership Principles
For Long-Term Business Success

Past Present FutureIt seems paradoxical that businesses should embrace the past while simultaneously exploring the future in order to remain relevant in the present.

Many senior executives publicly acknowledge the need to explore new business and markets. However, company resources tend to favor past and present programs, viewing business development as a distraction even when the company’s long-term relevance is at stake. After all, during an era of corporate downsizing and global economic austerity, business leaders generally:

  • Allocate financial resources to proven profit-producing core business areas, and
  • Recommend cutbacks in investment for speculative innovation and unproven business ventures. [Read more...]

Increasing Employee Motivation –
Is Gamification The Answer?

by Barbara Weathers

gamificationOne of the focuses for GU Professional Institute is enhancing human performance in a complex rapidly changing economic landscape by providing collaborative learning environments on topics that effect organization’s today and in the near future.  Gamification, when used correctly, can offer a collaborative learning environment due to its social aspects and underlying elements in basic human behavior.

Deloitte Development LLC, released a paper The Engagement Economy: How Gamification is Reshaping Businesses (2012), investigating current business’s usage of gamification and productivity.   According to the authors “(gamification)…will be in 25 percent of redesigned business processes by 2015, will grow to more than a $2.8 billion business by 2016, and will have 70 percent of Global 2000 businesses managing at least one….by 2014”.

Many of you are probably asking yourself – what is gamification and how can it help worker productivity?  I must say, I was asking myself the same questions a few months ago until we partnered with Doug Richards founder of B2i Ventures, now I understand its power.  When use correctly in combination with detailed research, knowledge of organizational goals and specified objectives game theory can dramatically increase performance, engagement and learning.
[Read more...]

Meet Doug Richards, February 21!

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