Who we are

Knowledgeable employees lead to successful business/organizations which in turn create economically healthy communities.

GU Institute logoDue to advancing technology and the fluctuating economic stability in the United States lifelong learning has become a necessity.  Successful organizations stay financially viable by investing in enhancing the knowledge and expertise of their most important asset – human capital.

Graceland University Professional Institute researches new and emerging trends that challenge organizations’ growth and their employees’ productivity.  Through collaborative efforts with industry leaders, potential solutions are evaluated and offered to organizations using knowledge acquisition, situational analysis and implementation in an active learning process.

“Every few hundred years in Western history there occurs a sharp transformation. Within a few short decades, society—its world view, its basic values, its social and political structure, its arts, its key institutions—rearranges itself. Fifty years later there is a new world. And the people born then cannot even imagine the world in which their grandparents lived and into which their own parents were born. We are currently living through such a transformation.” – Peter Drucker

Succeed in an Increasingly Complex Environment

According to IBM, 79 percent of CEOs anticipate increasing market complexity, however over half doubt their ability to handle it.  The path forward will require entirely new leadership styles, new approaches to better understanding customers, and new and flexible structures

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”  -Charles Darwin

All GU Institute programs are developed through a collaboration of business and academic professionals!

Institute’s Training  Specialties

  • Knowledge Management
  • Leadership Skills for the Future
  • Multigenerational Workforce
  • Virtual Teaming

GU Professional Institute Mission

To provide innovative learning opportunities for professional and personal success achieving individual, organizational and community enhancement by partnering with industry leaders to fulfill workforce development needs.