Are You a Life-long Learner?

IMG_3550When was the last time you invested in your professional skills?

When was the last time you invested in your employee’s development and skill?

To be competitive in today’s rapidly changing work environment, professionals have to obtain the knowledge and skills to perform at a higher level.

Skills needed:

  • Ability to motivate and collaborate with dispersed employees and those working virtually from home.
  • Programs for knowledge sharing to prepare for the 80 million Baby Boomers leaving the workforce over the next two decades.  How many employees are over the age of 55 in your organization?
  • Create effective mentoring programs to help young employees to fill roles opening in your company due to retirement or turn over.
  • Leadership skills to engage and motivate others increasing retention, innovation and performance.

Here are some facts:

Leadership:  Two out of three workers are looking for a new job, according to Forbes, October 2012.

Cost of replacing an employee varies from 10 to 30 percent of their annual salary, however highly skilled workers can be as high as 200 percent.  Center for American Progress, 2012

Virtual teams:  Fifty-four percent of business owners expect the majority of their workforce to be working remotely by 2017. CNBC June 2012

Multigenerational workforce:  By 2014, 36 percent of the U.S. workforce will be comprised of this generation and by 2020, nearly half (46 percent) of all U.S. workers will be Millennials.

Succession Management:  The sheer number of Millennials combined with the increasing retirement of Baby Boomers means that employers will be facing leadership gaps and they will be looking to Millennials to fill those gaps.

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