Collaborative Learning

photoCollaborative learning could be the solution to many companies’ grim futures.

It is in the news every day, companies closing divisions, laying off valuable workers, filling for bankruptcy or even closing their doors.  Many are suffering because technology has made their products and/or services obsolete.  Business leaders have become complacent so rather than finding new areas for business expansion they have put on blinders ignoring the obvious, that the way we do business has changed forever, to their own demise and  their employees’.

How do Collaborative Learning Environments make a difference? 

Collaborative Learning provides a space where leaders problem solve with other leaders; they share challenges and explore solutions.  In addition to learning emerging technology, business practices, management outcomes and new professional opportunities – participants actively engage with others synthesizing the information and putting it  into context for their personal business’ success.

How does GU Professional Institute’s Collaborative Learning Environment work?

  • Original content is created by industry and academic experts on the specific topic – we showcase the breath of information on the topic so that participants can learn a variety of approaches to any given situation.
  • Discussion threads allow participants to share current issues, situations and problems in order to look for solutions together.   
  • In addition to the open discussion forum, each program offers an area where participants can work privately with the facilitator.

Benefits of collaborative learning:

  • Active learning where finding solutions to complex issues is the primary goal.
  • Participants assimilate new information into a framework of prior knowledge
  • Active engagement to process and synthesize shared information
  • Sharing of knowledge flourishes in a social environment where dialog occurs between participants
  • Creating an open mind mentality where participants are exposed to different perspectives and solutions for complex workplace issues.