Leadership: Looking Toward the Future

Companies of the future have one single trait in common: they view employees as their most valuable resource.

Are you a company of the future? Do you view your employees as your most valuable asset? Are you training them to lead your business?

The GU Institute has researched cutting edge techniques for leadership training, including helping participants discover their strengths and passions.

During this 6-week certificate program, your employees will:

  •  Take Marcus Buckingham’s Standout strengths assessment to learn their personal edge, which is your natural advantage over everyone else. (participants receive Buckingham’s book and assessment at no additional charge)
  • Read white papers from more than 25 of the foremost leadership resources available
  • Take curriculum concepts through to practice by completing assignments tailored to their specific place of work
  • Examine current leadership trends and how to utilize them in daily activities
  • Learn how to ethically lead, assessing one’s own values and moral compass

Invest in your future by investing in your employees. Learn more about Leadership Development Training opportunities from Kansas City’s own Institute for Leadership Development at Graceland University. Call 816-423-4708.

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