Virtual Teams

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Struggling with effective ways to manage employees not working on location with you?

Do you feel isolated not working in the same office as other colleagues?

Learn strategies for managing your virtual teams. Enroll in “The Art of Managing High Performing Virtual Teams” by calling 816-423-4708.

Now that more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies use virtual teams, managers must explore ways to work remotely while partnering with others across the world to create a shared team vision.

Surprising Research

Recent research shows that virtual teams can outperform single-office teams and produce enhanced employee satisfaction when the organizational environment and management tools for effective virtual work exist.

The tools and techniques to create and manage virtual teams will be explored in the Institute for Professional Development’s accelerated online certificate, “The Art of Managing High Performing Virtual Teams”.

Six-week Online Accelerated Professional Certificate Program

The six-week certificate program will thoroughly delve into virtual work factors and provide awareness, knowledge and tools for managers to lead virtual teams to success.

The course, facilitated by Doreen Best, MA, teaches participants to following workplace skills:

  • How to define and build effective virtual teams
  • Functions that enhance success
  • The characteristics of successful virtual teams
  • Ways to improve team performance
  • How to select team members and assign job responsibilities
  • Ways to create team goals and objectives for virtual teams
  • How to manage virtual teams for timely project completion
  • The psychological shift of managing in a virtual work space
  • Managing organizational visibility of the virtual team
  • Communication styles that work in a virtual world
  • Strategies for creating trust in a virtual environment
  • Methods to evaluate performance on virtual teams
  • How to collaborate and team build in virtual spaces
  • Coaching tips to overcome the challenges in a virtual technology-driven environment
  • Methods to use virtual ‘rewards’ to promote engagement

Program Facilitator Doreen Best

Facilitator Doreen Best has 20 years of corporate management, communication consulting and teaching experience spanning the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, including consulting expertise in leadership development, change management, decision-making, and organizational communication.  Educated in adult learning principles and distance learning tools and techniques, Doreen has authored numerous leadership development classes customized for various industries.  She has expertise in coaching managers and executives on public speaking, leadership, team building and communication skills.