6 To Dos Before Training
Corporate Citizen Leaders

Citizen LeadershipIn their book, The 2020 Workplace; How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop and Keep Tomorrow’s Employees Today, Jeanne C. Meister and Karie Willyerd write that leaders of the future will be citizen leaders who are:

  • Outspoken about the direction of a company,
  • Conscientious about ways in which the organization holds responsibility to the people of the organization, as well as the planet, and
  • Believe in the “contribution revolution,” by setting up internal and external feedback systems as a crucial development utility for new products, services and improved business results.

So what exactly is Corporate Citizenship?

Corporate citizenship is fundamental to the way to run a high-performance business. It is anchored in core values, a Code of Business Ethics and, ultimately, it is reflected in the actions of its people.

It is a corporation that accepts the importance of being collectively responsible for its local community and environment as an integral part of their core business.

A 2010 study by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, found that 66 percent of U.S. executives say corporate citizenship is a priority, yet only 33 percent report success in integrating corporate citizenship into management policies and processes.

The GU Institute offers the following infrastructure considerations in order to embrace the challenges of developing future leaders that are collaborative, inclusive and reflect the citizen leadership needed for the Next-Gen workplace.

  1. Develop an ongoing communication program to inform and update all employees on social issues, and external stakeholder expectations.
  2. Allow flexible work schedules to facilitate relationship building activities with community groups, NGOs, policy makers, media, etc.
  3. Build consensus among senior leadership across the company to adopt corporate citizenship policies and programs.
  4. Identify central contact people who become the resident experts on decisions regarding social and environmental issues.
  5. Embedding corporate citizenship practices into all operations across organizational boundaries
  6. Measure and communicate corporate citizenship initiatives and activities related to the company’s corporate citizenship goals and performance.

To develop your own tailored training leadership program, contact Barbara Weathers, GU Institute Executive Director.

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