Value of Certificates

The Institute for Professional Development offers online certificate education programs that prepare today’s workforce for tomorrow’s challenges. Topics ranges from leadership development and multigenerational workforce to business teams in a virtual world and innovative corporate cultures.

A program of Graceland University, the Institute staff teamed with professors and business professionals to design programs that prepare workers or the challenges of:

  • Four generations in in the workforce,
  • Team building in a virtual world,
  • Planning a company culture that nurtures creativity and innovations, and
  • Developing leadership skills

Inside Higher Ed notes that a 2010 Complete College America report prepared by FutureWorks, said that certificates “can deliver greater income returns than associate and even some bachelor’s degrees.” It pointed out that that certificate programs allow students to earn postsecondary credentials in a short period of time, thereby allowing them to enter the workforce faster.

“Certificate programs in high-value career fields are proven, fast and efficient pathways to build skilled workforces and boost wages,” said Stan Jones, president of Complete College America.

Research by the Institute finds the following benefits of professional development certificate programs.

  1. Unlike traditional hotel seminars that lack depth, online certificate programs, such as the Institute for Professional Development program sponsored by Graceland University, feature content from national academic and business experts in a wide variety of business fields.
  2. Demonstrates employee commitment to lifelong learning.
  3. Programs are practically and professionally oriented.
  4. They provide a positive return on investment; and
  5. Certificate programs help career advancement at a low cost.


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