What Participants Say

“This online, intensive program shared the fascinating history and development of leadership, as well as new concepts from today’s prominent leadership experts. I especially enjoyed the social format, which allowed for engaging, interactive learning among a group of supportive professionals. I highly recommend this course to gain insight into the future of leadership and leadership success.”

Mia Katz, Owner, Gem Expressions

“The Standout evaluation was very helpful and I plan to use that information to help improve how I interact with my employees. Additionally, the facilitator did a good job of giving useful feedback – making you feel good about where you are as a leader while giving specific advice on how to get to where you want to be.”

Stacey Davis, Manager Discovery Center

Delving into the subject of leadership with the other course participants really let me connect to the topic. It was helpful to view the presented material from so many different eyes. I used the ideas I gathered immediately in my work as a manager and did the assignments with real problems and opportunities in mind.  

Jim Collins, Graceland

This course helped me dig deep into myself to examine leadership beliefs, values, and theory.  I was challenged to think about leadership differently than ever before.  I have such a deeper understanding of my leadership strengths after this course.

Ondrea Dory, Graceland

Being a student of the profession and of life, I am always seeking more knowledge, and this course offered a good format that need.  The assessments were a new vehicle that essentially validated what I knew but it provided some good insight and talking points for describing what I should look for and how should describe myself and the work that I am looking for from others.  The delivery method is very accessible, user-friendly, up-to-date with all the advanced blended learning methods encompassed in a fast-paced but solid course.

Michael Cyr, Dynamics Research Corporation

I highly recommend this course to leaders in any field. I was greatly encouraged by the variety of fresh perspectives presented. Contrary to popular perception, leadership today is strongly principled, people centered, and committed to transformation on behalf of the common good. The active, deep discussions I enjoyed in this class gave me practical tools to become a more effective leader. I have highest praise for the course design and facilitation. What an enjoyable and worthwhile experience!

Don H. Compier, Graceland