What will drive the U.S. Workplace as the Calendar Flips to 2013?

work-from-home-jobsAfter reading the 5 Workplace Trends You’ll See in 2013, our 6-week Accelerated Certificate  Program The Art of Managing High Performing Virtual Teams” starting January 28, 2013 is the training for those virtual work skills! Our workplace virtual trends are the fastest growing and now is the time to register for our next online certificate program!

This certificate program will thoroughly explore these virtual work factors and provide awareness, knowledge and tools for managers to lead virtual teams to success.


    • Understand what makes a virtual team
    • Examine trends and corporate attitudes
    • Review and analyze case studies
    • Explore the factors necessary to develop high performing virtual teams
    • Develop goals, objectives, roles and timelines
    • Identify methods to evaluate performance
    • Determine necessary tools for virtual teams
So have a relevant and significant New Year!

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