What’s New Since Last Election Day

Sure, change is inevitable over time…that is decades or generations. It is, however, breathtaking the speed of change that occurs in our new normal, hyper-connected, technology-dominated global world.

College graduates apply for jobs that were not created when they entered as freshman.

Customer service, operations, product and marketing strategies, and distribution are heavily, or sometimes entirely, dependent on IT. The computers that support these functions now fit into briefcases and purses.

Four years ago, before Barack Obama became President, the following 50 products, jobs, careers and even words did not exist.

  1. $1 drinks at McDonald’s
  2. 3-D Camera
  3. AIDS vaccine
  4. Arab Spring
  5. Better batteries
  6. Birthers
  7. Bromance
  8. Cash Mob
  9. Chobani Greek Yogurt
  10. Clothes made from milk
  11. Computerized patient records
  12. Controller-free Gaming
  13. Crowdsourcing
  14. Cyborg Anthropologist
  15. Disaster Recovery IT Managers
  16. Electric car charging stations
  17. e-Readers
  18. Facebook Chat
  19. Geolocation Marketing
  20. Google+
  21. GPS for the public
  22. Handheld ultrasound
  23. Home stager and interior re-designer
  24. iPad
  25. Iron Man Suit
  26. Jeggings
  27. Keurig Coffee and Tea brewer
  28. Laser headlights
  29. Malaria vaccine
  30. Occupy movements
  31. Personal carbon footprint
  32. Pinterest
  33. Plastic fur coat
  34. Remote control helicopter
  35. Sexting
  36. Smart Thermostat
  37. Social Media Manager
  38. Social Responsibility and Sustainability Manager
  39. Solar airplane
  40. Square (process credit cards on phone)
  41. Staycation
  42. Stem cells from fat
  43. Succession Planner
  44. Tea Party
  45. Tweetup
  46. Twitter-based Hedge Funds
  47. User Experience (UX) Designers
  48. Vertical Farming
  49. Virtual Assistant
  50. Vlogging

What things do you use daily that did not exist four years ago? Let us know in the comment section.


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