Communication Skills to Engage Employees

Thursday, January 24, 2013 | 11:30 – 1:30 | Graceland University Independence | $25 (includes lunch)
Do you  jump out of bed each morning and joyfully leave to start work?  If you said “yes” sadly enough you are in the minority.

According to Gallup:

  • Only 28 percent of U.S. workers are “actively engaged” at work
  • A staggering 53 percent are “not engaged”
  • A shocking 19 percent, nearly 1 in 5 workers, are “actively disengaged” (Jim Clifton, 2011).

What does this mean for American business?  The not engaged are neutral, not passionate about their job but are not trying to sabotage the company.  However, the actively disengaged are destructive and undermine productivity.

Enhancing employee engagement comes down to one very important skill – communication. Active communication at intrapersonal, interpersonal and organizational levels turns disengaged into engaged and apathetic into enthusiastic.

There has to be shared ownership for improvement, because engagement is an individual experience reflecting his or her relationship with work.  One person’s idea of the perfect job could be another’s living nightmare.  Finding out what truly engages a person a work leading to the success of the organization is a group effort on the part of the individual, manager and executive.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to assess what active engagement is for yourself and other around you.
  • Why is engagement so important to the overall success of an organization?
  • How to effectively communicate with colleagues at all levels
  • Ways to inspire commitment and trust.
  • Talk about engagement as an outcome and instill passion.
  • How to communicate clear goals with accountability.
  • To provide feedback and recognition that encourages engagement.

Bring your notebooks to record tips you can implement. Bring your inquiring mind for hands-on breakout sessions. Bring your appetite for this catered Lunch n Learn. Bring your colleagues to get the most out of preparing today for tomorrow’s workforce.

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