Motivating the Hyper-Connected Generation – Review

Why is this generation different from all other generations? Weren’t we once young, naive and brazen when we began our careers? Yet, businesses cannot ignore the statistics.

  • More than 60 percent of employers claim evidence of tension between employees from different generations.
  • Seventy percent of older Baby Boomer employees show dismissive attitudes toward younger workers’ abilities.
  • Fifty percent of younger employees dismiss their older colleagues’ experience.

Managers espousing the “Millenials just need to grow up – just like we did” attitude lose the opportunity to harness the strength of this 78-million strong next generation of bankers, lawyers, doctors, CEOs and American business leaders.

The first generation with unlimited access to information – without going through an authority figure –

  • Millennials relate to authority figures and knowledge transfer with a confidence and freedom unknown to generations before them.
  • They bring new and different beliefs, values and technology expectations to the workplace.
  • They also bring energy, hope, passion and intelligence to take organizations to new levels of success.